Welcome to Grade 6 Music!
Period 7 ACE days
Mr. Evans

Topics of study:
American Music from 1900 to the present

The Broadway Musical
Current events and topics in music
The sounds and characteristics of musical instruments
Understanding basic musical terms and symbols

Grade calculation:
50% Classwork, 25% Quizzes, and 25% Participation
You will receive a weekly participation grade worth 10 points. Everyone will start the week with 10 points. Classroom disruptions and failure to follow the rules will result in a point being deducted for each incident. The points that are remaining at the end of the week will be your grade. Bonus points may be earned for outstanding participation and behavior. Work hard each week to keep your 10 points and possibly earn some bonus points!

Class Rules:
1. Control Your Body: At all times make sure that your body is in the proper location and position, that it is not touching anyone or anything it isn’t supposed to, and that it isn’t making any disruptive motions or noises.
2. Control Your Mouth: (Yes, I know your mouth is a part of your body, but it is the part that can get you in the most trouble. Therefore, it gets its own rule!) When you are working or listening in class no sounds of any kind should be coming out of your mouth. When the teacher is talking, during listening activities, and during video viewing activities your talking or noise will interfere with other students’ ability to listen and hear and may prevent their learning of the material. Show respect for the rights of others by remembering that LISTEN and SILENT are spelled with the same letters!
3. Come Prepared: Come prepared each day to work, listen, and learn. This means being prepared with the right attitude as well as with the right equipment. You will only need to bring a pen or pencil each day. Everything else will be provided.
4. All County and School Rules/Policies also apply to this class. (see Code of Conduct)

Consequences for disruptive behaviors:
Step 1: Minor disruption or rule infraction = loss of one point per incident of weekly grade
Step 2: 5 or more points lost in the same class period = ½ hour after –school detention
Step 3: All 10 points lost by the end of the week = parent will be contacted
After a detention has been served and a parent has been contacted, reaching step 2 again will result in an office referral.

Things you need to know about this class:
1. If you do what is expected you should get an ‘A’ in this class. This class isn’t difficult, but does require you to cooperate and put forth effort.
2. Always put your name on your papers before turning them in. Failure to do so will result in a zero for that assignment.
3. Parents may email Mr. Evans to check on your progress at any time. mevans@wcboe.org