Welcome to Beginning Band
Eventually, band classes will meet twice per 6-day cycle. We will have classes grouped by instrument. Once all groups have mastered a few songs we will be adding a full band rehearsal one day per cycle. It is the student’s responsibility to bring their instrument, mouthpiece, and method book to school on the assigned letter days.
Both lessons are pull-out. This means that the students will be pulled from their regular classes to come to band. Students are responsible for making up the work they miss while they have their band lessons.

Practice is the key to success and is factored into the student’s Band grade. Students have daily homework to practice their instrument and the assigned exercises. They must record this practice on a “practice record” in order to receive credit for it. The “practice record” is due at the student’s instrument group lesson of each cycle. It is expected that students practice for 20 minutes each night. Students will record starting and stopping times and get a parent signature each night. Full credit is earned with seven 20-minute practice sessions between lesson. (The chart will be completely filled in.) This usually allows for at least one night off. If students miss a night of practice they may make up that time by doubling the practice time on another day.

Band grades will be calculated in the following way:
Being prepared with instrument/mouthpiece and book at each lesson = 25%
Daily Practice record with 7 days of practice per cycle = 25%
Demonstrated skill and progress at each lesson= 50%
The trial period will end on the last day of school before the December Holiday Break. A recommendation will be sent home with the student on that day. Anyone dropping out of band before that date must bring a written note signed by a parent.

Our annual band concert will be a part of the 5th Grade Promotion Night Ceremony in June.